Custom Designed Horseshoes with "Flair"

Why Embellished Horseshoes

Today I would like to talk to you about the different words that will describe “why” you would want to have one of these embellished horseshoes in your life!

I am creating these Amulets to enhance your well-being. The word amulet signifies a type of charm, a fetish, a mascot or a talisman. When created & layered with positive intentions, they become a magnet of good and pleasing energy for your life.  The horses are true carriers of good magic & positive flow, the gems, beads, wire and metal are all elements from the earth that are natural & grounding. The wood that the horseshoe is mounted on has life giving energy as the tree was nourished by the soil, water & sunshine. And the feathers of course are from birds that have learned how to soar above the harsh earth & be free!

All these wonderful and alive elements combined, create an energy source for you! Trinkets are also included which have the power to evoke emotions of memories you may have from your past or feelings you want to bring forth now in the present.

Typically, amulets were worn around the neck or on the body to protect anyone from negative energy. These horseshoes may be placed strategically in your home or office or outdoor area as they are weather resistant!

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