Custom Designed Horseshoes with "Flair"

Hanging Your Horseshoe

Let’s now talk about the reason that you will want to hang the horseshoe the “correct” way!

There are a few theories regarding this belief; however, I have always been a very positive person & I try very, very hard to keep my heart open to lessons & wisdom to be garnered each day that I have been blessed with. An open heart & a receptive way to live can be achieved in many ways. The symbol of the open part of the horseshoe allows blessings to “pour” in and be stored in this treasured amulet of the embellished horseshoe that has energy from the horse, the wood, the elements of the materials from Mother Earth and the magic of this connection.

So, would you rather hang a horseshoe upside down and “pour out” your good fortune OR keep it upright and let the blessings “flow in”? It is a personal decision & I hope I can convince you to have one of these layered, healing amulets in your home, office, bedroom, kitchen, garden space, barn or tack room!

Make the connection today!

BTW…they make excellent gifts! Lol!

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