Custom Designed Horseshoes with "Flair"

Beginning of a Partnership

When man realized that the horse would propel him into a better life, the partnership began.

Not only did the horse provide a means of travel, but the horse also became a trusted companion because of the horse’s natural state of awareness. Horses are highly intuitive and can sense danger & shifts in energy; thus, adding value to tribes of people who were keeping them together as a herd. The horse can read human energy and reacts to it far faster than the human does! They also want to assist humans to release any negative energy because that energy does not serve any purpose.

Horses are prey animals and only strive for peace. They want humans to attain and keep peace in their lives as well. We see that a great deal now as there are many groups who are providing horses as therapy for many different shifts of personality, trauma, rejection, PTSD and various needs of people including children with autism and other modalities that affect their coping mechanisms.

Stay tuned for more information regarding these strong, beautiful and intelligent creatures!

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