Custom Designed Horseshoes with "Flair"

Attached Value To Horses

Native Americans, Spaniards, Englishmen and Egyptians, and all tribes of people have always attached a lot of value to horses in their lives. They have long been a sign of strength and wealth for humans.

They are majestic animals that were created for our pleasure, our assistance to work to till the fields for crops, for beasts of burden to carry ammunition and men into wars and for beauty. The ability to connect with such a beautiful yet strong and sometimes intimidating creature has been an enigma through generations of peoples. Before the car was invented, horses were the mode of transportation, mostly pulling carriages and wagons for people and materials. As the car began to replace horses, they became a work horse for policeman and the military.

Various people realized that they were so beautiful that they became a source of trade. The Egyptians began to realize that the breeding of horses could be very, very lucrative, especially the Arabian Breed.

Today, the Arabian Breed of horses is still prominent, and people look for certain dams and sires and the lineage before purchasing such a horse. In the Southwest area of Arizona, in Scottsdale, each February is the largest Arabian Horse Show in the World!

These horses continue to thrill people, spark imaginations and evoke the status of wealth!

Let’s keep exploring these beauties together….stay tuned!

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