Custom Designed Horseshoes with "Flair"

All horses want is Peace!

All horses want is Peace! They have an innate ability to be aligned & can read when humans are not! Congruency is the key to good communication with a horse.

This is one of the most beautiful gifts that a horse can pass on to us if we are open & our heart is not closed. Let’s figure out how we can become more “alive” in our awareness before we enter into their peaceful world.

The embellished horseshoe that will live in your space will enhance your ability to line up your “spinning wheels”;  also known as Chakras!

We have 7 main energy points in our bodies and they are:

Red; -base of the spine

Orange; Sacral Root

Yellow; Solar Plexus

Green; Heart

Blue; Throat

Purple; Third Eye

Violet; Crown



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