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A Unique Father’s Day Gift Idea

The Embellished Horseshoe Art form is one of the MOST unique fathers day gift ideas you could present to your Father!

The symbolism of these works of art will astonish your cowboy, horseman, horse trainer, horse caretaker, rodeo man, farmer, and the all-around man who appreciates the West, horses, and what they represent.

It was established many, many years ago that if you hang a horseshoe over the door going into your home, barn, tool shed, hay barn, tack room, or garage; it will bring you a significant fortune. Or, if you would prefer; your father can hang it indoors over the door, next to the door, in his office or man cave! These are a Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

A gift idea for father’s day your Father will be proud to display the embellished horseshoe art in any room or on a desk to show his extreme appreciation for the outdoors including barbed wire on some of the works of art and horsehair that adorns some of the pieces. There is strength and wisdom combined with energy in these unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for your father.

There are several curated works of art that will accent any home, office, or patio as they are completely weatherproof and may be displayed indoors or outdoors. The Mesquite wood is from one of the oldest Mesquite Sawmills in Arizona and is treated with tung oil to enhance the colors of the wood. The barn wood embellished horseshoes have been acquired from the Mescal Movie Set in Mescal, Arizona (by permission). Whether you choose to select an Embellished Horseshoe with Mesquite wood or aged barn wood, the work of art is ready to hang and show to your father’s friends and family members. You will shine when he tells them that you picked the perfect one for his personality!

A Unique Father’s Day Gift Idea

The last two embellished horseshoes; # 34, Tatanka, and #35, Always Hope are works of art to be placed on a desk or display area for your father. They both are mounted on Mesquite wood and are strong and solid. They have felt pads on the bottom so it will never mark a beautiful piece of furniture that he places it on.

#10, Happy Trails is a gorgeous piece of art that is meant to be displayed over a door. It has two unique horseshoes that were in our herd for 32 years! The blue colors of the beads, the stampede cowboy hat strings, and the sterling silver running horse with red, blue, and green pieces of coral. Your father will be grinning ear to ear when he hangs this in a very special area. It is mounted on a dark piece of Mesquite wood.

I encourage you to take your time to check out each embellished horseshoe, knowing that you will have found the perfect gift for your cowboy, ranch hand, horseman, or horse trainer. Who doesn’t appreciate art and the repurposing of items from Mother Earth?

Kim also welcomes and encourages custom-designed works of art for your father. If you would like to present your father with a gift certificate to have a lovingly designed work of art, that is certainly a fun experience for you, your father, and for me! You can contact me in the Custom Design section of my website, I will email you or call you and we can collaborate! There are so many ideas available and perhaps you may have feathers, or special trinkets you would like me to incorporate on the gift! I am always available to take a call or answer an email and I respond quickly!

I look forward to hearing from you about the gift you have chosen for your Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Happy Trails…..

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