Custom Designed Horseshoes with "Flair"

#04 – Desire

A quarterly donation will be made for collective sales to Emerge Center for Domestic Violence and the Horsin’ Around Rescue!

1 ½”x 6”x 18”

This unique “freckled” horseshoe has been on the hoof of our Quarter Horse named Sheeza Lil Poco Bar. Her lineage is that her descendent was the 6th Great Grandfather of Man O’ War! I always desired her to have peace in her life as she came from a previous owner who treated her with very heavy hands. She was a beautiful sorrel mare & this shoe is made from varied colored beads & gems & western silver conchos that are wired to the shoe. The blue stones that are inlaid into the wood represent the “life” of flow we all can desire to have.

This work of art is mounted on a heavy piece of mesquite that is hand rubbed with tung oil and signed by the artist & designer.

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