Custom Designed Horseshoes with "Flair"
Embellished Horseshoe Art | Z Bar Designs
Embellished Horseshoe Art | Z Bar Designs
Embellished Horseshoe Art | Z Bar Designs
Embellished Horseshoe Art | Z Bar Designs
Embellished Horseshoe Art | Z Bar Designs

About The Artist

Kim Dove is a cowgirl, color advocate and original embellished horseshoe art designer.

Her 31 years of being blessed with horses in her life has inspired her to share the joy and wisdom that she has felt through these spiritual horseshoes full of life and energy.

Kim’s experience as a Master Floral Designer for over 21 years is now showing up through the colors, textures and beauty of the elements of nature; such as 100 year old Mesquite trees, barn wood and collected gems and adornments.

Treasures of good fortune can be stored in the upright horseshoe and easily imbued into your life forever!

Her horses are currently barefoot and she wants to showcase these used & cleaned horseshoes with the beauty and of course the tales from the trails for you to enjoy.

Each size of horseshoe is uniquely embellished by Kim and her creative spirit. They are mounted on wood and ready to hang in your special space.

Don’t wait any longer to enrich your life!

Happy Trails,

~Kim Dove
Designer of Spirit

Our Mission

Kim would like people to begin feeling and making a “real” connection to the magnificent energy, wisdom and beauty portrayed by horses. Energy is in everything and these Embellished Horseshoes will transfer their energy to you. Feel the power!

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Embellished Horseshoe Art

When you think of horseshoes; do you just think of old, rusty, and dirty steel shoes on a horse, or might you consider embellished horseshoes?

If you are willing to expand your heart and soul to consider the beautiful horse and what this magnificent creature has provided us for millions of years, you may be surprised at the amount of energy and strength they have shared with humans.

Let’s take a journey together so you may be able to enhance your life with embellished horseshoes that are lovingly hand-crafted and adorned by the artist that has stewarded horses for over 35 years of her life. Her horses were always shod because that is what needed to be done in the old days and several of her horses needed to have the support of steel horseshoes for their bodies and the work they were asked to do. Trail riding was the main goal for most of her horses and there were also drill team practices and maneuvers for her horses. The farriers would arrive at the location nearly every 8 weeks or less to take the steel horseshoes off the horse, file the hoof and make it level and ready to accept the new steel horseshoe with nails driven into the outer layer of the hoof; avoiding the soft connective tissue and blood supply. This was always the “norm”.

Kim had the farriers throw the used steel horseshoes into a pile and they eventually rusted out. The pile remained and the artist wanted to honor those horses and all the miles that they had gracefully and willingly took her to new adventures. As the years passed on, the ideas grew in the artist’s mind of what she could create with the horseshoes. At the time Kim was a floral designer and loved the many colors and designs she could conjure up in her imagination. Also, with a love of nature, the bounty of God’s glory, and the gifts from birds and the true West; she eventually had an idea.

#17 Tiny Charm | Z Bar DesignsHaving beauty in her life and sharing it with others has always been the artist’s goal. Embellished horseshoe art was born! Being born and raised in Montana, Kim was exposed to Western Art and saw many homes with a horseshoe hanging open end down! That was a huge curiosity. Kim did a lot of research about this but had always felt that the open part of the horseshoe should be up to let in good fortune! That was the beginning of the creation of the Embellished Horseshoe Art theme! Kim also has a love of nature’s gems such as beads, amulets, feathers, barbed wire, wood, and stones. Each of these items is a precious and magical indication of stored energy to be appreciated by the one who has decided to treasure these tokens of Mother Nature. There is a magical and spiritual connection to be felt by each person that decides to have an Embellished Horseshoe Art in their lives.

The process begins with the horseshoe’s nails being taken out & then being soaked and cleaned in water with a disinfectant and then dried in the Arizona sun for a couple of days. Then the thick copper wire is attached so it can be properly balanced when it is hung. Then, the Embellished Horseshoe Art becomes a “real” piece of art when the various gems from the earth are strung on thinner copper wire. As the artist is picking which agates, trinkets, silver charms, wooden beads, malachite, and onyx-type beads for example, she is deciding the colors and theme for the adornment. The Embellished Horseshoe Art is beginning to be born into an idea for sharing the energy of each piece of nature. The Native Americans cherished and worshipped Mother Earth and her gifts and so does Kim as she has this blood running through her as well. Every creature on earth has a purpose as well and these are the attributes that Kim wants everyone who owns a piece of Embellished Horseshoe Art to feel. She wants people to make the connection and feel it through this amulet that is layered with all the goodness of life, beginning with the incredible horse and the willingness this special animal has to offer. The intuition that a horse is born with is something that we as humans can learn from and this work of art; The Embellished Horseshoe is a combination of all the energy and wisdom of that piece of wisdom.

The mesquite and barn wood are then prepared to accept the Embellished Horseshoe. The wood is treated and comes alive with color! You can then see the number of years that this tree has grown by simply seeing the growth patterns in the wood. It is again a reminder of the energy that is accumulated.

The Embellished Horseshoe Art will enhance your life with spiritual and medicinal magic!

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